My Approach

Jeffrey Ethan Jessum, Ph.D


When working with clients, I begin by exploring and helping to clarify what their goals for therapy are.  Together we work to assess where they are in their own life development and tailor a treatment plan to best suit their temperament, inclinations, strengths and weaknesses, and developmental make up. 

Below is a list of some of the disciplines I commonly draw upon in my work:

Adult and child developmental psychology

Interpersonal neurobiology

Attachment theory

Mindfulness meditation practices (see link)

Meaning-oriented therapy (see link)

Transpersonal psychological models

Body oriented/somatic therapies

Family systems and general systems theory

Relational therapy (see link)

Existential/Humanistic therapy

Psychodynamic and depth-oriented therapies

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Dialectical therapy

Narrative therapy

Social psychology

Positive psychology

Optimal performance training approaches

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