Jeffrey E. Jessum, Ph.D.


I have been practicing the art and science of psychotherapy since the early 1990s.  As an integrally-oriented psychologist, I draw upon a wide variety of theoretical orientations in my work with clients.  To learn more about the approaches I use in my work, please click here – My Approach.

And to learn more about the power, richness and effectiveness of an integral approach to psychotherapy, please click here – Integral Psychotherapy.

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Jeffrey Jessum, Ph.D.

Psychology Licence # 15432



Jeffrey E. Jessum Ph.D

The specific goals of therapy differ from person to person, but ultimately therapy is about creating more satisfaction, meaning, peace, well-being and efficacy in one’s life. Human beings are multi-faceted. We have many layers to who we are and, while we all share much in common with one another, we are also all inherently unique. 

An integral approach to psychotherapy recognizes the richness, diversity and uniqueness of human beings and asserts that to help people effectively realize their full potential, it is essential that we look at the entirety of who they are.


Integral Psychotherapy

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